Are you looking to build mobile apps without breaking the bank or spending months learning how to code?

In this course, I'll take you step-by-step through engaging and fun video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to build mobile apps without coding using Glide, a powerful and easy-to-learn no-code app building platform.

Why No-Code apps?

Traditionally, if you wanted to build a mobile app from scratch, you would have to spend thousands of dollars hiring a software developer or learning how to code yourself.

It can take even weeks to learn how to build a mobile app from scratch using programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, or Java. And the truth is, even if you learn how to build an app writing native code, most of the time, your first apps will be slow and look "fugly."

Most people don't have the time, money, or patience to learn how to learn all the intricacies of iOS of Android or the design skills to make apps look beautiful.

So, what if you just want to create a simple (yet beautiful looking) mobile app without all that frustration?

Luckily, there is a new way to build mobile apps that requires a fraction of the cost and time to implement.

They are called No-Code apps; that is, it requires ZERO coding skills to build them.

This means that now you can build fantastic-looking mobile apps literally in minutes instead of days or weeks.

The best way to learn no-code app development is by building no-code apps.

With Glide, you can literally build your first app in less than 60 seconds (I'll show you how). But in order to take full advantage of Glide's potential, you'll need to learn some of the basics (tables, relations, computed columns, custom actions, etc.) that will allow you to create apps with powerful functionality (rivaling costly enterprise-grade apps).

To help you unlock Glide's incredible potential to build powerful mobile apps, I'll show you how to build three projects from scratch:

1. A task tracking app: with logic to assign tasks to specific users, add multiple project managers, set task deadlines, get overdue messages, and track overall project and task progress.

2. A fully-featured e-commerce store app: with product categories, multiple product variations, discount coupons, payments powered via Stripe, and an admin dashboard to track sales and enable global settings across the store.

3. A Tinder clone: using swipe cards, dynamic search functionality, geographical distance calculations, some clever user profile matching logic, private user chats, and even a dashboard to track overall matching statistics.

These projects are designed to help you implement all the concepts required to learn the ins and outs of the Glide platform and become a confident no-code app developer.

(BONUS: The course includes access to all the sample project app templates.)

Charge for your apps. Become a no-code developer.

No-code apps are becoming increasingly popular, so it is the demand for no-code app developers. There are already thousands of no-code developers making a full-time living building no-code apps.

So if you're looking to become a no-code app freelancer, this course will be the perfect starting point as I will cover four ways to monetize your apps. You will learn how to sell your app templates, sell products via your apps, charge people to access your apps, and even become a certified Glide developer.

What are the limitations of no-code apps?

Most people think that no-code apps are only good to build quick app prototypes, proofs-of-concept, or minimal viable products (MVPs).

While it is true that most no-code app platforms are not optimized to build the next big social network, the truth is that the vast majority of applications will never grow that big or require the immense resources consumed by those platforms.

Having said that, platforms like Glide are already used by hundreds of thousands of clients, including large companies, to build apps used by tens of thousands of users. So unless you're planning to raise millions and build the next TikTok, Glide will cover over 90% of all possible use cases.

Will I be able to publish my apps to the Google Play or App Store?

Yes. You would need to use a 3rd Party service like Nativator to upload your app to the App Store or Google Play store.

Do apps built with Glide work on Android and iOS?

Yes. Your Glide apps can be installed on both Android and iOS phones. However, they are not native apps. They are more like a mobile-optimized app that works everywhere (including your desktop browser)

Is the Glide platform free?

Yes. You can create as many apps for free using Glide. You'll be able to complete all the projects in this course without having to upgrade to a paid account.

You might get stuck. But I'm here to help.

Although building apps without code is much easier than coding them from scratch, you may get stuck sometimes.

I'm in the Q&A every day to help you get unstuck. I reply to every question to get you back on track.

If you were looking for an alternative to developing great-looking mobile apps without coding, this course is for you.

Can I hire you to build my app?

Yes. If you get this course you will get a 10% discount towards your app (up to $500USD in value!)

So, What will you get in this course?

  • 8+ Hours of HD video lectures explaining step-by-step how to build mobile apps without code (No previous skills necessary)

  • Step-by-Step tutorials to build 3 fully working mobile apps (including a Tinder Clone)

  • 3 App Templates (for the projects) valued at over $150 USD

  • 4 ways to Monetize your no-code apps (even make a full time living making apps)

  • 7 days a week Email Support to help you get unstuck

  • 10% Discount if you hire me to build your app ($500 USD value)

  • 30 Day Money-Back guarantee.

If you were looking for an alternative to developing great-looking mobile apps without coding, this course is for you.

REMEMBER… I'm so confident that you'll love this course that we're offering a FULL money back guarantee for 30 days! So it's a complete no-brainer. Sign up today with ZERO risk and EVERYTHING to gain.

Are you ready? Let's build awesome no-code mobile apps together!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Best instruction on how to create mobile apps from your spreadsheet data. Miguel really is an engaging instructor who walks the talk. He USES Glide (the product he is teaching about) and shows all the features in real world situations." - Walt N.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Miguel is excellent in his delivery, his explanations, and thoroughness. I look forward to any course he puts out because I know it's going to be money well spent!" - Larry W.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • 01-Intro to Glide

    • About Your Instructor: Miguel Hernandez

    • 02-Create your first app in 60 seconds

    • Glide Apps (Classic) vs Glide Pages

  • 2

    The Glide App Editor

    • 03-Glide App Editor Overview

    • 04-Glide Settings Overview

  • 3

    Glide Components

    • Using Design Elements

    • Building Forms in Glide

  • 4

    Glide Data Editor

    • 07-Glide Data Editor

    • 08-Google Sheets vs Glide Database

    • 09-Understanding Table Relations

    • 11-Using RowID Columns

  • 5

    Glide Computed Columns

    • 12-Template Columns

    • 13-Conditional Columns

    • 14-Lookup Columns

    • 15-Math Columns

    • 16-Single Value Columns

    • 17-Rollup Columns

    • 18-Joined List and Split Text Columns

    • 19-Generated Image Column

  • 6

    Filtering Data

    • 20-Adding Filters to Lists

  • 7

    Conditional Visibility

    • 21-Conditional Visibility

  • 8

    Glide Actions

    • 22-Simple Actions

    • 23-Custom Actions

    • 24-Limitations of Custom Actions

  • 9

    User Management

    • 25-Enabling User Profiles

    • 26-Row Owners

    • 27-Adding an Admin User

    • 28-Adding Multiple Admin Users

    • 29-User Specific Columns

  • 10

    Data Sources

    • Using Airtable as a data source

  • 11

    Project 1: Build A Task Tracker App

    • Task Manager App - Project Overview

    • 02-Creating Your Google Sheet

    • 03-Task Creation Logic

    • 04-Task Completion Logic

    • 05-Task Assigning Logic

    • 06-Task Overdue Warning Message

    • 07-Listing Project Users

    • 08-Adding Project Collaborators

    • 09-Beautifying User Interface - Part 01

    • 10-Beautifying User Interface - Part 02

    • 11-Adding A Project Progress Bar

    • 12-Create an Admin Dashboard

    • 13-Publish Your App

  • 12

    Project 2: Build An App To Sell Products

    • 01-Lesson Overview

    • 02-Create Tables | Online Store

    • 03-Adding Products

    • 04-Formatting Basic Design and Buy Button

    • 05-Enabling Product Variations

    • 06-Building The Checkout Process

    • 07-Creating Form to Add Product Variations

    • 08-Handling Products without Variations

    • 09-Tracking Inventory

    • 10-implement Discount Coupons

    • 11-Admin Discount Coupons

    • 12-Admin User | Online Store

    • 13-Building An Admin Dashboard

    • 14-Finish Design and Publishing the Final App

  • 13

    Project 3: Build A Tinder Clone

    • 01-Project Overview

    • 02-User Profiles Table

    • 03-Filtering Results

    • 04-Matches Table

    • 05-Storing Matches

    • 06-Matches Logic

    • 07-Swipe Custom Actions

    • 08-Private Chats for Matches

    • 09-Testing Private Chats Logic

    • 10-Profile Search Preferences

    • 11-Search Filters Components

    • 12-Filtering Results Logic

    • 13-Profile Results Count

    • 14-User Profile Edit Form

    • 15-Profile Completion Logic

    • 16-Photo Uploads

    • 17-Beautify Design

    • 18-Admin Dashboard

    • 19-Retreiving Overal Stats

    • 20-Publishing The Final App

  • 14

    Project 5: Tinder Clone (New Glide Version)

    • 01-Intro-Swipe-App

    • 02-Create Project

    • 03-Filter results

    • 04-Create Results Array

    • 05-Next Profile button logic

    • 06-Swipe Screen

    • 07-Swipe Buttons

    • 08-Like button logic

    • 09-Matching logic

    • 10-Matches tab

    • 11-Filters screen

    • 12-Final app overview

  • 15

    Project 5: Build a Movie App (with Fetch JSON)

    • 01-Intro

    • 02-Get API Key

    • 03-Create Glide Project

    • 04-Use Fetch JSON to retrieve movie data

    • 05-Create Search Screen

    • 06-Create Search Results Table

    • 07-Grab JSON Paramaters with JS Column

    • 08-Display search results

    • 09-Use Custom Actions to save movies

    • 10-Design Movie Detail Screen

    • 11-Logic to avoid movie duplicates

    • 12-Create screen do display saved movies

  • 16

    How To Sell Access To Your App

    • 01-Glide Paywall Intro

    • 02-Google Sheet

    • 03-Free Access Logic

    • 04-Upgrading Logic

    • 05-Paid Plans Logic

    • 06-Plan Expiration Logic

    • 07-Overall Access Logic

    • 08-Testing Expired Plans

    • 09-Publishing App

  • 17


    • 01-Integrations Overview

    • 02-Setup Zapier Integration

    • 03-Setup Zapier Trigger in Glide

    • 04-Testing Zapier Integration

    • 05-Setup Webhook for Integromat Integration

    • 06-Create Integromat Scenario

    • 07-Testing Integromat Integration

  • 18

    Monetizing Your Apps

    • 01-Chapter Overview

    • 02-Selling Templates

    • 03-Selling Products Via Your App

    • 04-Becoming a Glide Affiliate

    • 05-Becoming a Glide Expert

  • 19

    How to Get Help To Build Your App

    • 01-Glide Docs

    • 02-Glide Community

    • 03-Glide Experts

    • 04-Hire Me

Your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Miguel Hernandez

Miguel is a Certified Glide No-Code Developer, a veteran top Udemy instructor with over 36,000 students, and the founder of Grumo Media where he has produced marketing videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher.

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