Course Description

Learn how to use Convertkit from scratch. This online course covers everything you need to get started with one of the best email marketing tools available. 

To create your Convertkit account go to

Course Outline:


00:06 - Overview of Convertkit features
00:58 - Signup for Convertkit
02:08 - Create a signup form to start collecting email addresses
02:33 - How to customize the look of your signup form
03:08 - How to embed your form in your website
06:44 - Testing your new signup form
08:31 - How to remove your form's double optin setting
09:21 - How to create an email sequence
11:40 - How to use tags
13:30 - How to assign tags to buyers (via Stripe or Thinkific)


15:28 - Section overview
15:40 - Create a landing page to collect email addresses
16:34 - Create an autoresponder email for new subscribers
16:54 - How to use link triggers to assign tags to contacts
18:35 - Create three email sequences to be sent to subscribers based on their preferred topic
19:36 - Create an automation to subscribe subscribers to the corresponding sequence
21:59 - Test the automation to see it works properly


23:42 - How to use filters in broadcasts
24:29 - How to use segments to create complex filters
25:23 - Review of the segments on my Convertkit account
26:40 - How to use filters to exclude buyers from your main email sequence
27:30 - Rules vs Automations

Senior Instructor

Miguel Hernandez

Miguel is a Certified Glide No-Code Developer, a veteran top Udemy instructor with over 36,000 students, and the founder of Grumo Media where he has produced marketing videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher.

Course curriculum

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    All you need to learn about ConvertKit

    • Learn How to use ConvertKit (For Beginners)

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