Course Description


  • If you are interested in launching an ethical online business the answer is Yes.
  • If you love the idea of generating income and having flexibility to travel the answer is Yes.
  • If you are looking to make money online without effort then the answer is No.


In this comprehensive course I’ll teach you all the secrets, tips, and strategies I’ve been using to run a $500K/year online business (Grumo Media) in 100+ lectures of instruction (more than 10 hours of video)

We’ll go over my company financials, systems, workflows, and strategies on marketing, sales, hiring, project management and much more so you can have a clear idea of what a profitable lifestyle business looks from the inside.

So if you ever wanted to make a living on the Internet this course will give you a great foundation to finally take the plunge into the vast new world of 0s and 1s.

TESTIMONIALS from happy students:

Here is a testimonial by Jonathan O'Duffy , one of the 1500 students that has taken this course :

“Miguel’s course was honestly a blessing and arrived at the right time in my life. There is so much information in here that its amazing. Plus you get to see how Miguel successfully runs his own business. These aren't textbook or theories but real world actionable knowledge. You might be put off at the investment of 11 hours. But honestly, the fact Miguel could compress so much information and quality into the 11 hours is impressive. It will be content that you will use for the months ahead in building your business. This course is really worth the most valuable thing you own - time. I hope future students gain as much as I have from this course. I also hope they keep learning and growing. There is always more to do and learn - Miguel offers some books in this regard to help guide you. But this is an awesome starting place - take it from someone who has invested the full time in this course as well as countless hours in other business products - books, videos, webinars etc <-which are still valuable. 6/5 stars Well 6 and a half - Jonathan O'Duffy

An another testimonial:

"Wow. What a course.
I stumbled across this on Udemy and snapped it up after seeing the rave reviews. Rest assured, you're getting an entire course which could easily sell for 10X the cost... and a lot of similar online courses are even 100X + the cost of this one! The content is incredible and there is SO MUCH of it! Miguel has a lovely, engaging personality (he even made accounting fun) and that makes all of the lectures super enjoyable to watch.
The bottom line is, Miguel is living what he's teaching. He's in the thick of running a real, ethical and profitable online business - and is not just a "guru" spewing out generic advice.
I was genuinely surprised at how much Miguel actually revealed about the inside of his business - balance sheets, systems, the lot. This openness helps immensely in understanding how the content applies to a real business.
All-in-all - exceptional. This course was just what I needed.
Miguel, you're awesome. Thank you! -
Luca Gallone "

I really wish there was something similar when I started my business and I’d probably have avoided very costly mistakes.

I hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to see many of you launching your own online businesses soon!

Senior Instructor

Miguel Hernandez

Miguel is a Certified Glide No-Code Developer, a veteran top Udemy instructor with over 36,000 students, and the founder of Grumo Media where he has produced marketing videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • 03-Tips on taking this course

    • 04-This is what you will get

    • 05-Who is Miguel Hernandez

    • 06-Revenue Proofs

    • 07-A Word about money

    • 08-Miguel Income vs Happiness

    • 09-You vs the Richest

    • 10-You vs Bill Gates

    • 11-Are you passionate enough

    • 12-Purpose Venn Diagram

    • 13-Still having trouble finding your passion

    • 14-Types of online businesses

    • 15-Service vs Product vs Platform

    • 16-One Time vs Subscription

    • 17-What is a Bliz

    • 18-Bliz or Blung

    • 19-Find your Bliz Score

  • 2


    • 20-Steps to start a Bliz

    • 21-6 Tips to maximize success

    • 22-My Pointkit Failure

    • 23-How to start a startup

    • 24-Answer these 10 questions

    • 25-YC application questions

    • 26-Do you pass the Calacanis test

    • 27-Coming up with an Idea

    • 28-Idea Grader Spreadsheet

    • 29-What is Idea Extraction

  • 3


    • 30-Steps to create an MVP

    • 31-What makes a great name

    • 32-Name grader spreadheet

    • 33-How to find a good domain

    • 34-What if the domain is taken

    • 35-Launch Your Wordpress site

    • 36-Launch Wordpress site

    • 37-Basic Wordpress Setup

    • 38-Install basic WP plugins

    • 39-Install WP templates-Part01

    • 39-Install WP templates-Part02

    • 39-Install WP templates

    • 40-Set up email account

    • 41-Setup Newsletter

    • 42-create a landing page

    • 43-Drive traffic to your website

    • 44-How I validated Grumo Media

    • 45-How Dana Severson validated a biz with just a landing page

  • 4


    • 47-Business Diagram

    • 48-Grumo Media bliz diagram

    • 49-Business Model Canvas

    • 50-Simplified Business Model Canvas

    • 51-Grumo Business Model Canvas

    • 52-BMV for Facebook Twitter VISA

    • 53-Break down your process

    • 54-Document Delegate Automate

    • 55-Grumo process steps spreadsheet

    • 56-The Grumo Bible

  • 5


    • 58-What is Marketing

    • 59-Marketing channels

    • 60-The Sales Funnel explained

    • 61-What is Inbound Marketing

    • 62-Inbound vs Interruption Marketing

    • 63-Grumo Inbound Marketing breakdown

    • 64-Grumo Google Analytics

    • 65-7 steps to gets started with inbound marketing today

    • 66-Intro to Dan Martell Authority Engine

    • 67-Authority Engine explained

    • 68-Marketing Schedule

    • 69-Collect Testimonials

    • 71-1K a day on Facebook ads

    • 72-How much time to spend marketing

    • 73-Direct Marketing the Grumo Way

    • 73b-Validation Algorithm

  • 6


    • 74-What is the purpose of sales

    • 75-Sales process

    • 76-Sales Call

    • 77-Sales Strategies

    • 78-Account Manager

    • 79-Lead Management workflow

    • 81-Contract workflow

    • 82-Contracts with Google Docs

  • 7


    • 83-Disclaimer-Accounting

    • 84-Accounting basics intro

    • 85-Bookkeeping vs Accounting

    • 86-Single vs Double Bookkeeping

    • 87-Cash vs Accrual Accounting

    • 88-Acounts Payable vs Accounts Receivable

    • 89-Assets Liabilities Equity

    • 90-Reading a Balance Sheet

    • 91-Balance Sheet Calculator

    • 92-Balance Sheets on Yahoo Finance

    • 93-Paying multiple contractors at the same time with MassPay

    • 94-Save money exchanging currency

    • 96-Two books on finances

  • 8


    • 97-Hiring

    • 98-Contracting

    • 99-Hiring Funnel

    • 100-Hiring Workflow

    • 101-Rating Top Candidates

    • 102-6 Tips to build contractors loyalty

  • 9


    • 104-What is project managing

    • 105-My PM story

    • 106-4 free PM tools

    • 107-Bliz Maxim about Software

    • 108-PM with spreadsheets

    • 109-Universal Feedback Maxims

    • 110-Giving Feedback

    • 111-Receiving Feedback

  • 10


    • 112-Quick overview of entire course

    • 113-thank-you-01


5 star rating

Said Hassan

5 star rating

Outstanding, exceeding expectation

Abdul Alsaiad

Great content, beyond expectation, valuable information, joyful instructor. An excellent constellation of content and instructor. Thank you

Great content, beyond expectation, valuable information, joyful instructor. An excellent constellation of content and instructor. Thank you

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5 star rating

Tonka Golub

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